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IT Engineer : Fafa

Support Engineer : “Fafa”

Residence : Gimpo-Si, Korea

Total Career Duration : about 10 years


Software Engineer



  • Never give up, try to learn new skills and use it for work, no matter by the order or by myself.
  • Development with many Programming Languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, etc.)
  • Advanced Embedded Programming (Various Devices Development/Android/Windows Mobile / Unix)
  • ECR(Electronic Cash Register) Development with satisfying the requirement of *(USA company) without any translator at phone call, chat, e-mail, etc..
  • Credit Card Payment POS Side Development for * company in USA single-handed without any translator residing in the company.
  • Resolutions for satisfying Minimum of requirements from Hungary Fiscal Policies.
  • Co-working with Technoran in Greece for new financial law project.
  • Deep knowledge of many devices such as 3D Printer, USB, Android tablet, PDA, Printer, Scanner, Wireless network(WLAN, Bluetooth, zigbee) etc.
  • Experienced customer technical support for PDA, POS, 3D Printer, etc.
  • Smooth communication for effective collaboration
  • Objective oriented thought on the Focus of Company Vision
  • Constant self-development such as A.I.(tensorflow), Cloud Server, 3D Programming, etc.
  • Joining Post Office’s yearly contest in Korea for adapting newest PDA model twice time.
  • Joining the development for *’s new generation project with “Wireless LAN with GIGA in IPv6 through IPv4 Tunneling”
  • Troubleshoot for *’s new trendy POS system’s sub-machine operating on “*” project.


IT Skill Highlights

Advanced                Android Programming, C / C++ Programming, Windows Mobile, System Architecture, Linux, TinyOS, Embedded Software, Device Operation                           Programming, Web-based Languages, Windows API, MFC, etc.

Intermediate            Databases (SQLite, Mysql), IBM Watson Chatbot.

Experience                      Databases (Oracle, Solaris, MSsql, etc), AVR, DeepLearning(A.I),  etc.



Happy to introduce myself. Thank you for reading.

I graduated from ** University majoring in Computer Science and Information.

After back to university in **, I got several scholarships. However, I didn’t have confidence of my career. I decided to go abroad to study English for 8 months in Washington and be supposed to go to the graduate school of ** University but the cost is very huge and my parent didn’t have such a money. Just I satisfied to be able to talk with native speaker and came back to Korea.


After the return, I went to the ** Academy for learning more programming for * year and I got a certificate of the title, “**”. Since that time, I got a little pride of the programming, and I was hired PDA Company, and I had developed Security Certificated Product (**). After the quit of this company, I was hired in a network device company as a freshman and experienced and got the knowledge of the network and server skills. But the company’s financial difficulty with love-call from previous company, made me to decide to go back the previous company. And I developed a new PDA product (based on windows CE) for * year again. And I was hired in POS/ECR Company in *. I was working on many parts of software (such as POS utility, Android application, Non-OS ECR, etc.) for about * years. In the meanwhile, I had interested into 3D printer. And I was hired in 3D printer company and have developed “**” and “**”, which is introduced “Incredible FDM 3D Printer” on internet news. Now I’m working in ** Inc. which service the * analysis result.


As you read, I have moved many times in many companies. I agree with it even though I had had many reasons. But during my whole working time, no one blamed me about my performances for given works. They rather wanted me to work more and more projects, even in other team’s project. Also I want to tell you that I have been reading the book, “THINK AND GROW RICH” over and over from 4 years ago and my baby’s grow, *years-old, teach me about a precious family, my role as a father , as a team leader , and as a member of organization, I belonged. I’d never given up any project and now I armed very strong Positive-Mind. Also I have amazing skills and deep knowledge of the programming. Besides, I always do learn newest skills as self-development, such as A.I, Big data, cloud, etc.


Now, I’m looking for someone or someplace in which I will work more than for 20 years with sharing the company’s vision. Of course, I’m ready to give my passion, skills, growing together and mass synergy.

Actually, I have one disadvantages. I’m not smart such as genius. I agreed it at 4 years ago. Instead, I have been trying hard to supplement it and never give up anything, and get an accomplishment of it.

I sincerely think that my accumulated knowledge and skills will be big help someone or someplace and these will be a great opportunity to my life as well. Thank you very much for reading my post.

If you have any questions concerning my qualification, please do not hesitate to contact me : Thank you very much.


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